Please, Oh Please!

Pull your mask up over your nose!

I realize that if your mask is not covering your face you are either rebellious, stubborn or immature and on all counts, you are stupid.

The mask is a two way protection. If you are sick, the mask let’s you keep your germs to yourself, thank you very much. You’re not polluting our air with your microbes.

And it prevents you from breathing in others germ riddled spit.

If your nose is exposed, you are breathing in unfiltered air. You could be breathing in Covid, among other things.

And guess what.

Covid is a respiratory disease. It attacks your lungs. This means it is in the air and you breathe it in and you die.

That is the main way to get Covid.

If everyone wears a mask and wears it properly, guess what again. Covid has no where to go.

The mask is doing you ZERO good if your nose is exposed. Because you breathe through your nose. And if you’ve run up the stairs, your mouth too.

And it doesn’t matter how much nose hair you have.

– Not to mention –

You are driving me nuts looking at you.


Your chin doesn’t breathe. I bet you believe you can breathe through your eyelids too like Nuke LaLoosh (Bull Durham).


But you’re getting closer. There are really two pathways to your lungs. Your mouth is one of the two. Can you guess the other one that we use more frequently? Take your fingers out of your ears, that’s not it.


You got it. Cover your MOUTH and your NOSE.

One other thing: Masks are not enough to end this pandemic.


And always stay six feet away from me!


I am of the opinion that many of our diseases are caused by too much or too little sunshine.

We are aware of the damage too much sunshine can inflict, especially since us intelligent human beings have found new and wonderous ways to make the sun unfriendly by polluting our air and making it so thin that the sun can fry us. Or our vanity insists on that all over alluring tan.

But have we considered how too little sunshine is also hurting our bodies?

When I was working, I got four weeks in the summer to find sunshine. But you can’t bottle it up and use for the other 11 months of the year when enslaved in an office.

I know how it can affect your moods, the infamous SAD syndrome. But I wonder how it might also make our bodies wither, you know, like a plant without light, all white and spongy.

Just a thought.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

I am reading two great books about pan- and epidemics that prove we are idiots.

New Pandemics, Old Politics by Alex De Waal clearly shows us that history repeats and repeats and repeats and we never ever learn a damn thing. We follow an old script that never worked in the first place, and that is, we are in a war against pathogens, and ignore science. We don’t see the forest for the trees. We ignore or downplay evidence that is so in our faces, that it could be on our faces.

Modern Epidemics by Salvador Macip agrees, ‘We don’t learn from our errors.’

Neither do we learn from the facts.

Instead we whoosh around like the morons we are, motivated by emotions. Emotions are never logical and can be deadly.

I am fed up with the entire Covid pandemic, not because of the isolation or masks, but because of the astounding and abounding stupidity of the masses. They talk trash, throw trash and make an unpleasant situation a thousand times more unpleasant. I have lost patience with it all.

I could state all the facts and evidence that vaccines work until the cows come home, but people get high on emotions, even to their last denying, dying breath.

The solution to our problem is so simple and easy. Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Social distance. If you do this, our problem will be temporary. But as long as you scream and yell, make this a political issue and refuse the above, the longer this will go on, Covid will be a pandemic forever, and your life will be very short.


This is an old pet peeve, right up there with telephones, rockets and cars.

I live in a thin walled apartment. Noise is a common complaint of most multi dwelling tenants.

My neighbours are young. Fresh tenants. Their bed rubs against the wall letting me know they have a good time at least once a week. I am glad they are not tantric lovers, it is over in a few minutes.

But I guess the short love making had to be offset by something more lasting, so they installed a keyboard. In their bedroom. Next to the bed. Against my bedroom wall.

Who plays piano in their bedroom?

I had come home from getting the jab (covid vaccine) and wanted to lie down for a nap, when, my goodness, Nick Rhodes was in my bedroom pounding out a good tune. Fortunately, the person could play the piano. That is the only good thing.

So I solved that problem, easy enough, a nice little note. Turn off the sound, listen with your headphones please! Okay.

But these neighbors went on to install the nemesis of all my bad dreams, the horror of every tenant every where. Video games. Video games have bass, a lot of bass, buzzing, vibrating your ornaments off your shelves bass. Repetitive, throbbing mind numbing, hours and hours and hours of bass.

In their bedroom.


Okay, I don’t want to know. Just please. Everyone out there who wants to make noise. Delights in noise. Can’t live without noise. Turn the sound off and wear F’in headphones!