Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

I am reading two great books about pan- and epidemics that prove we are idiots.

New Pandemics, Old Politics by Alex De Waal clearly shows us that history repeats and repeats and repeats and we never ever learn a damn thing. We follow an old script that never worked in the first place, and that is, we are in a war against pathogens, and ignore science. We don’t see the forest for the trees. We ignore or downplay evidence that is so in our faces, that it could be on our faces.

Modern Epidemics by Salvador Macip agrees, ‘We don’t learn from our errors.’

Neither do we learn from the facts.

Instead we whoosh around like the morons we are, motivated by emotions. Emotions are never logical and can be deadly.

I am fed up with the entire Covid pandemic, not because of the isolation or masks, but because of the astounding and abounding stupidity of the masses. They talk trash, throw trash and make an unpleasant situation a thousand times more unpleasant. I have lost patience with it all.

I could state all the facts and evidence that vaccines work until the cows come home, but people get high on emotions, even to their last denying, dying breath.

The solution to our problem is so simple and easy. Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Social distance. If you do this, our problem will be temporary. But as long as you scream and yell, make this a political issue and refuse the above, the longer this will go on, Covid will be a pandemic forever, and your life will be very short.

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