Just as men got called out for their abusive behaviour towards women, now corporations are being set to task for their employment policies. Called out by women. Yay!

Yay! to Abigail Disney for starting to expose the lies us drudges all know but could never speak out. The smoke and mirrors bosses and companies ply us with to make themselves look good, make us work harder for less and fatten up shareholders and CEO’s wallets.

It is a movement that started before Abigail, but she is an unexpected source of support, she is lifting the fog, making people see clearly the truth about company tactics.

The old way of employment must be thrown out.

Regardless of your age or qualifications, if you do the work, you should be paid for it. It is obscene to have employees earn below the poverty line and reward CEO’s double digit millions just for showing up. What this means is that a lot more than that CEO’s bonus was made in profits and went to shareholders. A lot more money. And not any of that money was given to the people who actually earned it.

It is disgusting that us drudges have to prove ourselves over and over and over for mere crumbs, knowing that at any minute bosses can pull our life line and we can be let go. No matter how long we have worked, how faithful we have been, or how much abuse we have endured, we are expendable.

It was always presumed to be the employees fault for not earning enough, or advancing in the company. The old belief in working harder and longer will yield recognition and rewards, or getting more education equates to more pay. I have done both and received no extra compensation, nor recognition, only more duties and higher expectations of me.

There are tons of things about working as a drudge I could go on about, but I am just so happy to see some cracks forming in the foundation of old employment practices opening up. To see a new age dawning for the working person.

Meanwhile, Sally still plays the game in searching for employment as a senior:


Sally Sixty Something

I made this cartoon for a friend who is struggling to be employed again after being dumped for a younger version of herself after years of loyal, untarnished service.

I don’t care how much training you got in school, what school you went to, how many scholarships and awards you gained, how good your grades were or how handsome/beautiful and sexy you are. NOTHING beats experience.

If you leave your place of business exclusively in the hands of the young, soon you will flounder.

When I was twenty something I thought I knew everything. As a senior, I realize I did not know much at all.

To be a successful company, you need a blend of young and old on your staff. The young can put in the hours, they are keen, they are quick, they know cutting edge technology.

But WISDOM comes from the ones who have been around the block a few times.

Yes, at times you need to move fast, but on those big decisions, you need someone to put on the brakes and think things through.

You also need someone to mentor your young.

Once, when I was only in my early fifties and applying for a job I got this response, that I have heard many times since, which is totally ridiculous “We really want someone with your experience, but we were hoping for someone younger…”

Well, guess what? You can’t have both.

So put away all your youthful boasting and bravado, and allow a senior on your staff. Let him or her work whatever hours they want, and be open to their counsel. It might just save your ass.

A Place For You

There is always a place for you to do good and contribute to the world.

It does not matter your personality. God always has a place for you. In that place you will do good.

You don’t have to be perfect or even particularly nice. Steve Jobs ushered in the personal computer era and was a nasty individual, but so did Bill Gates, and he is a philanthropist. So being nasty is not a prerequisite to genius.

People who can withstand pain and fear can be Navy Seals, Special Forces, firefighters, ambulance drivers. Smart people can solve big problems; Boyan Slat takes on the ocean clean up. Non-traditionalists take care of tradition; Christopher Skaife tends the ravens at the Tower of London. It is all good and I find it wonderful there is a place of value for all kinds of people.

What I find amazing is that even if you are an SOB, God can still use you to do good and contribute value to the world. But all the bad you do? Unfortunately, not always good results from your walk on the planet. A lot of human damage, pain and suffering comes from bastards, even genius bastards.

Personally, I refuse to worship miserable sots who did good. If they hurt humans or other life on this planet, the final judgement is a thumbs down. Others have created things and done great things while not destroying lives in the process, so it is not a given that you need to be unpleasant.

Even if you are a driven, type A person, you don’t have to drive other people to their deaths in pursuit of your dream. Especially if that dream is a selfish, grandiose pursuit of personal power and fame, solves none of our problems and contributes more. Think massive production of cars, telephones, spacecraft and walls. There I go again!

Best Self Help

I checked out a self help book written by the son of an author I used to read a lot of, to see if he had anything new to say. I used to be the self help book Queen. I read them all.

Instead, it was a rehash of old principles that have circulated forever, and for the working masses, the majority of us, just don’t work.


Because self help is based on these lies: perfection is attainable, that we are defective, it is all our fault if things are not right, and we must do more, and more and more, work, work, work. There even might be some magic involved. And of course, spend lots of money to get help. Ugh.

Us drones are already on perpetual overwhelment. We don’t need to add more things to do to our days, to our brains. To be told we are faulty in some way and need to be corrected. This is too much like our bosses constantly beating us to improve, work harder, longer, so they get more and we get less. It is all a big, fat, lie.

There are not ten things you need to do every morning, another ten at night, and fifty more things to remember all the rest of the day with strategically placed sticky notes. Good grief!

We all need permission to do less. We all need to hear we are okay as we are. To have space and time that are ours only. Ours.

When have I experienced the most self improvement, the most inspiration, received wisdom and knowledge, answers, guidance? When I am still. When I sit outside and watch Mother Nature. When I’m not doing anything. When I can contemplate my life without harassment, judgement or hurry. Or to not think at all. Certainly not when I am being criticized, judged, brow beaten, shamed, guilted. If I feel I must work on faults that someone else says I have. That it is wrong to not be perfect. Yuck.

I don’t need another tyrannical boss in my life demanding I change to suit their needs. I am good enough as I am. Anything that needs fixing is God’s domain. If I am quiet with Him, not only do I get revelation, but I am changed, without post-it notes, affirmations, magic crystals or chanting. Or spending zillions of dollars on self help books, motivational seminars or products.

Remember this. There is a place for everyone. You do not have to be molded to fit a situation. You can shine where you are at, just as you are.

I am particularly distressed about a new trend that states you should think about work first thing in the morning so you are better prepared for your day. Stop it!! The mornings are the best time for quiet. The best time to do something for YOU and you only. Your time. Not your bosses! I cherish my morning time, there is no way my job or anyone can have that EVER. My job already steals all my joy and energy right through until the next morning. I bet for a lot of you, this is also true.

Best self help? Experience. Learn and grow from living. Do a lot of reading. Pay attention. Have fun. Work less at what you loathe.

Take a holiday, and don’t read any self help books when you do. They will make you crazy.