What If

I read an article on how journalists have to ask the President questions on the lawn while his helicopter is still whirring loudly in the background, and how this makes the press look disorganized and unprofessional.

So I ask. What if the press just didn’t show up. What if old POTUS lands and no one is there? What if we ignore him?!

Ha. Ha. I like the game of what if.

I think there is a whole lot of other people and things and stuff we should just ignore.

Not that they’ll go away, but just to show we don’t give a F any more what they say or do, or what their opinions are. Especially if they profess to be the chosen one.

We are now going to pay attention to the things that do matter. Pollution. Poverty. Animal welfare. The environment. Human rights. Big important stuff. Let’s get back to making positive changes in this world that benefit everyone and everything, regardless of who or what they are. Stop paying attention to nonsense because it is entertainment. There are people in the world doing good, let’s go listen. Let’s take action ourselves.

What if we did that?


“It’s a jungle in here!”

I smiled, yes I do like plants. I signed the courier form and handed it back to him. The delivery man took a step back, then leaned forward, “I really like your apartment, I love plants!”

At the time I had a lot more plants than now, I was younger then. Over the years I’ve gradually reduced the number of my green friends, but I still couldn’t imagine not having any.

I’ve always had a dim view of people who do not like plants or animals. I like to surround myself with life.

My working and living spaces have always been like greenhouses. Plants are my meditation. Whenever I need a break I just sit and look at them. They are so still and yet so alive.

Unfortunately, once I was forced to get rid of all my plants at an office when a new Executive Director arrived. She also had our beautiful rooftop garden destroyed that volunteers and staff so lovingly tended. What kind of person does this? It broke a lot of hearts.

Of course my cat also likes plants, but for different reasons. He does fancy himself to be a jungle cat and hides in the foliage. What can be closer to heaven than sleeping in the dappled sunlight among plants and flowers, or nibbling on some fresh shoots of grass?

I need not get scientific to expound all the benefits of having plants in your environment. There is plenty of literature on that. For me, the benefit is joy. And joy is the only thing worth having.

Open to Life

I just read Olivia Newton Johns’ book Don’t Stop Believin’.

She has an incredible life. If there is a key to an awesome life, she holds it. That key goes beyond the talent and good looks she possesses. What came through her story is she always says YES to life. Whatever comes her way, she embraces it, never resists what is.

She is Zen!

Many of us are selectively open to some things in life, but actively resist most everything else. Resistance causes a lot of suffering. Resisting what is, is a sure way to get more of it!

Embracing life means you’ll get more life.

Simple. Profound. And so hard to do.

Now you know how I feel about people going off to woo woo land and unfortunately that is where Olivia is now, but it works for her and she is happy.

All I take from her book is to be more open to life, and say YES to it whenever I can, embrace what is now and stop resisting what is.