Lesson in Gratitude

Cats provide valuable life lessons.

They are ZEN.

Recently my cat had a procedure done, a tracheal wash – yeah, it is just as gruesome as it sounds.

When we got back home and I freed him from the carrier, the first thing that cat did was trot around the entire apartment, checking every last thing, as if reassuring himself it was not a dream, that he was actually home.

The next thing he did was come to me and tuck his head against my chest. I wrapped my arms around him, and he snuggled in against me for a long while.

That cat was so grateful to be home and safe.

So, if you ever struggle to be thankful for your life, take a look around you, check out all your surroundings, all that you own and cherish and the things you take for granted. Just like my cat did. The things we find the most familiar are the things we should be the most grateful for.


One fine morning I fetched the toothbrush and paste. My mind was a thousand million miles from this mundane action, thinking about who knows what. I didn’t notice anything unusual.

I spread the toothpaste over the brush, ruminating about something or another. Then I paused.

Something didn’t look quite right with the paste.

Why does it have a blue fleck of something in it?

The brush is a bit weird too.


Oh shit!

It’s the cat’s toothpaste and brush!

I think I should go back to having caffeine in the mornings.

Body Brace

As I age, I have acquired more braces. One for my neck, several for my knees, a couple for my wrists, another for my elbows and ankles, one for my back.

The body just starts to fall apart, in direct proportion to how much I abused it while I was able to.

I think after a certain age, we should have a body brace. A suit like iron man has. Just step into it in the morning and you’re good to go for the whole day.

No Pressure

On a usual trip to Walmart, I was surprised at the self checkout by a store clerk. She saddled up beside me and started talking to me in whispers. I wondered what the heck she was going on about, until I heard the word Mastercard. Then I understood.

She really tried hard to get me to sign up for a credit card. She was quite befuddled why I wouldn’t, because I could instantly save $25 on my purchase. When I protested, she said, “But you don’t have to use the card ever again. Just this once.”

Oh boy. Famous last words.

She was young, so she doesn’t have a firm grasp of the credit card rabbit hole you can quickly and innocently go down, and down and down…

Here’s what having a credit card is like, especially if you are poor. It is like having candy in your cupboard when you are trying to lose weight.

There is no way you ain’t gonna touch it.