Good Timing

When would be the worst possible time to quit your job.

Let’s see:

When there is a global pandemic.

When the world is facing a global economic depression never seen before.

When tens of millions of people are unemployed.

When you are a senior.

When you are in debt.



I quit.

Yep, I quit my job.

And I did exactly the right thing.

I suspect a lot of other people have too.

I have had to face my reality head on while at home. I’ve been forced to reassess my life. Away from the office I was outside of my situation and problems, enabling me to see with a new perspective and a fresh outlook. When you are in the problem, you cannot see clearly.

And at the worst possible moment in all of history, I make a life changing decision. To make my life, my own.

Here we go!

Just Do It.

Covid is not a political hoax.

It is a disease. A highly infectious disease.

It only knows how to infect, disable and kill.

It is blindly objective.

So for God’s sake wear a mask when you go out.

Do it for love, of yourself, others and all of the world.

Get a new understanding. It doesn’t care anything about you, your beliefs, your country, your history. This is a global pandemic. GLOBAL. Think about it.

We can debate and discuss and accuse and whatever later. None of that matters now.

What matters is what you do. Are you going to be part of the problem? Or part of the solution?

Do your part. Social distancing. Wear a mask. Wash your hands.


It won’t be forever. Just a short while out of your whole entire life. Months out of decades. And you want your whole entire life to be many more years, do you not?

There are no guarantees that you will be safe, but we can greatly reduce our chances of getting and spreading this disease if we follow protocol. We can put the odds in our favour of staying healthy. Just do it.

What a Dollar Can Do

Imagine if everyone in this world received a basic income.

For the want of a very small amount of money people cannot move forward in their lives.

It usually does not take much to have peace of mind. Enough to pay the rent. Enough to buy food. Enough to make a dream come true.

If everyone had enough money for their basic needs, what do you think this would mean?

No more poverty. It’d reduce crime.

Most people are not lazy. But most people are desperate and living on the edge. If they have a guaranteed income, it gives them freedom to become all that they can be. How could this not benefit the entire world?

The ones who do not want to work, this is totally okay. I mean, think about it. We already have that. What harm is in it? Most people want to have purpose and to be contributing to society. So most will continue to work. The ones that don’t, so what? They are in the minority.

I think this pandemic has exposed the huge flaws in capitalism. That the rich get insanely more rich, and the poor insanely more desperate.

The people who resist basic income are the uber rich because they want to enslave people. Their employees. There are very rare exceptions to this.

What if people could no longer be enslaved? What kind of revolution would we see in the working world? I envision a much safer, freer, compassionate working environment. Why do employers feel they must control their employees like they are children? If they have what they need, are treated like adults, and enjoy their work, and have respect for their bosses, a good job will be done.

What kind of revolution would we see in fixing the global messes we have of pollution, climate change, despots, dictators?

Before you dismiss universal basic income, give it a lot of thought how it would affect your life. What would you do with it? Make a dream come true? Go back to school? Quit your soul sucking job and do something you enjoy? Donate the money to charity? Volunteer? Work less hours and contribute more to friends, family time, strangers?

Obviously, the money has been there this whole time. It just hasn’t been used properly.

Whine, Whine, Whine

Okay, I have to get this off my chest.

I am SO sick of trump whining, whining, whining. Poor little baby. Mistreated by the press (he gets what he deserves), misunderstood, whining about hoaxes, conspiracy theories. Everybody out to get him. No one gives him the respect and credit he deserves. The boy fucking genius who thinks shooting up lysol can cure a disease. Someone stick a soother in his mouth to shut him up. Oh, he is so hard done by. Poor, poor little baby. Time to change your diapers little baby.

Tweeting racism and hatred and misogyny. Insulting and bashing and belittling good people. Revering criminals and dictators. Crying, crying, crying all the fucking time. That is all he does is cry and whine. Oh, and in between plays a round of golf.

Worries about his ratings while thousands of people die. Points the finger at anyone and everyone that they are all to blame for his messes.

Won’t take any responsibility for being the leader.

He is just like a very bad boss. This is not your company, idiot. This is your country. The Government is not a corporation. Each state is not a franchise that you can close down because someone hurt your feelings. Oh boo hoo. No PPE for you!

He is a toddler that has tantrums because he doesn’t get his way.

What a whimp.

It is Mother’s day. Momma come and get this spoiled brat. We need a leader!

Is there a MAN in the house? Better yet, we need a WOMAN.

It Is A Virus, People

I think many people don’t understand why we need to lockdown our cities and practice social distancing and wear masks and all of these cumbersome annoying things that have suddenly been foisted upon us.

If you live in a place with a population of 200,000 that has one hospital and 400 beds and a deadly virus comes and infects even half of the people, making even 1/8 of them in critical condition, requiring hospitalization, you are not going to have enough beds, supplies, personnel to handle the crisis. And many more people will die because they can’t be treated.

If you go outside and are near large numbers of people, the chances that one of them has the virus increases. Being close to others facilitates the spread. And a virus spreads fast.

If you don’t wear masks you can give this disease to innocent others without even knowing it.

And the biggie – you can DIE from this virus. Hello? If you don’t die, you may also suffer greatly while being attacked by it. Especially if there is no hospital equipment to help you.

The people you love can die from this.

These are just some of the reasons. I wish that the people giving time on television would make it more clear to their audience why it is necessary to close things down for a while.

It is not violating your rights. It is not political. These things are to SAVE your life. It is not a hoax. It doesn’t matter so much where it came from. It is not a plot for socialism. Lockdowns and social distancing have nothing to do with economics. What matters is how do we stop corona virus before it kills many people. It is a VIRUS people. We are trying to slow down its spread so we can cope with it. So we can save lives. So hopefully we can eradicate it without too many casualties. So we can buy time to find a cure or effective treatment so others won’t die. Get it?

When you get sick don’t you have to do things you don’t want to do to get well? You knew it was probably not forever, and you believed you would win if you followed doctors orders. So why is this different?

I think it would pay you to read about other pandemics and try to get an understanding of what is happening here, and realize this is not a personal attack. This is not a personal affront to your precious liberties.

Not being prepared, not doing the right thing is the affront. Not giving hospitals enough or correct PPE is the affront. Not caring is the affront.

Yes, there are profound repercussions to having to do this. But unlike what has been said by a politician, who claimed “there are more important things than living”, I happen to disagree with that statement. How about you? You want to die so the economy floats? Don’t you think that having millions of people die and be disabled from this disease is not going to affect the economy? Think about it.

This will be over. We will get our lives back. But the longer people act stupid, the longer we will have to fight this pandemic. This is a VIRUS, people.

I am also amazed at how many people can’t amuse themselves for a month. They go crazy.