Public Office

I recently voted for our next mayor, and others. I am reminded this time what public office really means and how to vote properly.

One of our candidates for mayor made a personal attack on a fellow candidate, spread a lie about her and attempted a smear campaign.

Why would I vote for someone who does that?

I won’t.

I will vote for someone who addresses the issues that matter to me.


I am trying to lose that extra food stuff that has accumulated around my torso, and like many other attempts, I am stunned by how little you need to eat to have a sensible weight.

I feels like all I need to sustain myself is a lettuce leaf once a day, because anything more than that, I put on the pounds!

I swear, I could get fat eating snowflakes.

Sex and a Piano

My neighbours share my bedroom wall, and being much younger than I, enjoy the pleasures of being a human, late at night. Their bed grinds on my wall in the usual rhythms associated with such activity. It is usually over by midnight and it is maybe, once a week.


They also have a piano right against the wall. A piano in their bedroom.

And what do they do every time when they have finished their love making?

They play the damn piano!

A Concrete World

When I was growing up, the city I live in was growing ‘out’, not just in suburbs, but strip malls and bloated shopping malls. Ugly creeping sprawl.

Today, the city is growing ‘up’, in buildings way more ugly than strip malls and shopping malls.

Behold: The Sky

The most ugliest and tallest building in our modest city. It is hideous. It was built on a postage stamp sized lot at a busy intersection. The traffic in that area is gridlocked most of the time. It is disgusting. It sits on the edge on what used to be a pleasant little Italian Village, with popular cozy restaurants and stores, and nice old houses and trees. It fronts a lake and our canal. and our beautiful parks. I admit it is a prime location, but it destroys all that completely.

If developers had their way, our world would be solid concrete without a patch of green and would block out most of the sky too.

Ditto for our so called city planners, who are just greedy enablers. Their job is to change zoning laws in exchange for the right amount of money. Green bills in their palms is the only green thing they know and the only thing they plan for.

Money is Everything

When you are poor, money is everything.

Without money, you can do and have, nothing.

Long gone are the days of the best things in life are free, if that was ever true.

Enough money buys you freedom, well-being and health and can give you a future to look forward to.

People who have enough income will tell you money is not everything because they have enough money to take care of themselves and enjoy life. They don’t understand that without enough money, life is just survival. A great deal of what makes life enjoyable are the things you must pay for; vacations, experience, education, dining out, etc. Even the simplest things, like a walk, requires comfortable shoes; going out for a coffee with friends requires transportation and money to purchase a beverage. You can’t even go to a museum or a gallery without a fee. Or enjoy an ice cream cone.

Anybody who does not have enough money knows that thriving is a whole lot better than surviving. People who have money do not know what it is like to just survive.

Misery is nickel and diming your whole life because you have to and have zero money for anything beyond the bare necessities.