I Want to Throw Up

After reading yet one more account of crimes committed by yet another Republican on Trumps team, I have come to the conclusion that they support Trump not because they care so much for him, as it is to hide their own sins. In fact, Trump has given them riotous license to do as they please, above and beyond all laws, morals and plain old common human decency.

I am stunned by the level of corruption and disregard for the law in the United States political realm today. It is all lies, lies, lies and even when they are exposed, absolutely nothing happens. Nothing!!

Everything from DUI’s to money laundering to tax fraud to racism to crimes I have never even imagined in my entire life are committed by this brood of vipers. Stuff that you or I as common people would never even dream of doing, and if we did, we would spend lifetimes in jail – there would be no pardons for us!

I can’t stomach any more of this. I have reached the breaking point.

Is this what it means to be rich and powerful? To be vulgar rapists? To leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of money? Anything goes? It is terrifying. It is disgusting, vile and it makes me want to throw up.

Please make this nightmare stop and restore our sense of balance. The world is topsy turvy. Babylon is falling. All the demons are out of the box. Is there not even a shred of humanity left? Not in politics. Not in our leaders. How can people support this evil? WHY? I don’t understand any of it.

Crisp Days

I am not much for taking a walk, but yesterday I had to walk a ways in probably the coldest day of the year so far (a temperate -25 C) thanks to our bus transportation system living up to its usual low standards (that is, not arriving).

However, it was a clear sunny day, with no wind and was absolutely beautiful to experience. I am not much for winter either, but appreciated the interplay of sun and shadow on unbroken snow, and the stark silhouettes of waiting trees against a blue sky.

Perhaps also the crisp air cleaned out a lot of cosmic cobwebs in my head, a nice spring cleaning way before spring arrives.

I was dressed for the cold because I know how reliable our bus service is, so I didn’t mind the chill. But by the time I got to where I wanted to be, I had a good glow on my face.

It might inspire more walks, without the motivation of virtual buses. Lord knows I need some exercise.

I’ll give it some thought while I sip a mug of hot chocolate.


We have become a nation of muddled thinkers.

There is too much information coming at us 24/7, non stop, thanks to instantly accessible devices such as our phones.

So we bring a lot of unrelated things together and think it makes sense. We also hail conspiracy theories and super heroes because they are in movies, which we think are real. Paranoia runs rampant thanks to crazy people posting crazy ideas that literally thousands of people read. There are doctored photographs and fake documents. We have a great deal of difficulty sorting it all out.

Our education system failed us. Never taught us how to think logically, to solve problems. It taught us how to memorize and passed that off as proving we are smart. We cannot discern fact from fiction, we have not learned how to read a person or a book. We have not learned how to separate emotion from logic. We cannot reason. It is a skill that is lost.

There are people who think eggs, milk and cheese come from plants. There are people who still believe the world is flat. That pollution doesn’t exist. That Trump never lies (really!!).

Part of the problem is we are emotional creatures. We respond to feelings. This is left over from our very primitive beginnings before we had language or the written word. We communicated with emotions. We are also visual beings, an image can have a lasting impact on us. Combine visual with emotion and you have people blindly led to slaughter. It once saved us from predators, now it feeds us to them.

So we are greatly influenced by advertisements and cleverly created videos, and people who can speak with passion.

If you speak with passion you can win the hearts of many. Just look at Trump. He can’t even say most of the words, and if you read the transcripts, it doesn’t even make sense. Yet people buy the insanity because there is emotion behind it.

The other thing that muddles us is we are juveniles.

Yes, many are still children, wanting to be rescued and taken care of by Daddy. Without an adult brain, people do not know how to survive on their own. We are not resilient. We are wimps, whining about the most stupidest of things, to going outright ballistic about inconsequential meaningless events. We expect others to do things for us. We are babies. Some of these babies endanger others, like demanding their employees go back into a burning building to rescue a painting (really, this just recently happened) and then fired them and condemned them on the internet. What the fuck are we thinking?

Once I attended a classical music pre-concert get together, where we got to meet the conductor and some of the musicians and hear some talks and ask some questions. The conductor related a story that a man threatened to kill him because he played Beethoven’s 5th symphony too slow! He actually had to be put under police protection for a while!

I have seen internet postings of people having meltdowns because they didn’t get ketchup with their fries. And of course, we have all seen Bridezillas wreaking havoc with virtually everyone in sight.

This is all very muddled, juvenile thinking, dangerous thinking. Which leads us to very muddled, juvenile, dangerous actions.

And look at where it is taking us.

Scary indeed.