I watched an interview with Oprah about intention and the Law – it is all bullshit.

I love Oprah very much, she has done much good in this world, but I am sick of all this woo woo stuff, coming from anyone.

So called laws of the universe just don’t hold true for the vast majority of us, excepting maybe gravity. If the so called Law of Attraction and Intention worked, then most, if not all of us would have our fondest dreams. But life is NOT like this.

Laws in science often are over turned. There are no laws – only what our limited knowledge tells us now is the truth. It is often our own personal truth as opposed to universal truths. There are exceptions to every single thing we regard as truth.

These ways of being and doing work for some. Just like some diet fads work for some, or some fitness routines. One size does not fit all. Believing that it works for all, is setting yourself up for a lot of frustration.

I get very angry at evangelists expounding these ideas, they are NOT laws. These same people will beat you up when you fail – it is your fault if nothing happens because you did not believe enough. This is the same ploy religion uses and I hate it. It is not because you didn’t believe enough. It is not because you are hopelessly flawed and they are somehow better than you. Just stop that shit. It is just LIFE. Life is unpredictable. It goes where it wants. You have little or no control or say over it.

I have no idea why life is as it is. I have no answers or solutions or formulas. I only have what works for me. And I mostly know what doesn’t work for me, because I have never been able to find the magic bullet to fulfill my dreams. It seems as if life has me where it wants me.

Oh, I have been guilty of dreaming too that life is easy if you just have the right formula. It is bullshit.

The only thing I can say is that action will get you something more than doing nothing, and I believe strongly in that, because at least you did something and weren’t merely wishing. Experience as much as you can. Learn as much as you can. Stay away from woo woo land, and just wishing and hoping, it is all hype and will disappoint you. There are NO guarantees in life whatsoever no matter what you do. You can work your ass off and nothing happens. I do not know why. It just is.

Here is what I also know, since joy seems to be our main objective in life – just be yourself and don’t let others determine your path. Pursue your own interests and joys. There is no guarantee that your dreams will come true, there is no way to tell what the future holds. You can only live right now, and do what you can right now. Stop beating yourself up. If you are true to yourself at least you may have some joy, but maybe not. This is just life.

There is no happy money, no magic vibes, no matrix. I do not know what life is or why, but I know it does what it wants and we are not ever going to be privy to it.

Some ideas need to die. The Law of Attraction and Intention is one of them. It causes a lot of suffering.

Two Holidays

As I get close to my annual holidays I feel like an old ship that has been out to sea a very long time and has been battling hurricanes non stop. Now without any power left, I coast into shore with only the currents and wind to guide me.

Every year the distance between annual holidays seems to get farther, longer, and a lot more painful.

To think, the younger version of myself often skipped annual vacations and took the pay instead!

We have just passed the first day of summer and now I long to be sitting in the long grass, watching the bugs and birds and whatever. Summer days can be mesmerizing and brings out the laziest parts of me.

As I look forward to a rest, I want to remind everyone to do the same. Take a break. Listen to the birds. Watch the clouds. See the big picture.

If you’re a planner like me, stop. Don’t plan anything and just let one day become the next. It will do you so much good to stop being your own worst enemy, and possibly everyone else’s too!

You don’t have to be anywhere, or do anything, or be anyone for a few short little weeks of the year. You don’t have to make big decisions (and shouldn’t), be zen or learn a new skill, develop yourself or seek a new career. You don’t have to be zip lining, cycling 100 km a day, or organizing an event. Turn yourself off.

I believe everyone should have 2 major holidays a year. One as described above, where you turn it all off and a second one where you turn yourself on – experience something new, go somewhere, try something. We need both in order to be healthy.

Forgotten Generation

It is pretty disgusting how we treat seniors in our so called great continent, North America.

They are the forgotten generation.

We are a youth orientated culture, and have totally dismissed our elders. They are forced to live in poverty and without adequate medical attention. These are the same people who raised great children, who contributed to society in countless and selfless ways. They have paid their dues a thousand times over in support of this country.

It is not their fault they have medical issues, this is the law of nature, all animals gradually break down and die. If you live a long time your body feels the effects. When you get old you cannot do what you did when you were young. And you should not be expected too.

All people 70 and older should have FREE medicare. FREE transportation. FREE housing. They should not have to pay taxes on anything. Is it not disgusting they have to pay tax on their meager pensions?! We should be ashamed of how we treat our elders. While you are working you can afford to pay taxes; you get to purchase what you need and want and enjoy your life. And don’t forget, you too, if you live long enough will be old and faced with maybe a worse scenario than what now exists. It is outrageous to think you can save for your retirement when interest rates are in the toilet (but the banks are hauling it in let me tell you) and wages are not much better, especially for women. Whoo boy! Women have it the hardest. They earn less. They have many non-earning years (raising children). They live longer. They have more health issues. They have less savings and ability to save since they often take care of aging parents.

It is very hard to keep working, even part time when you get old, even when you are in good health. Young people don’t understand this. You getting f’in tired!

I hate the flippant attitude regarding the idea of generating a second income for seniors. Not all second income ventures are successful and can cost a lot of money to set up. They can be a tremendous amount of work and cause much worry. You never read about all the ones that have failed. It is for a lot of people a pipe dream. You set up a website and the money just comes to you. Yeah, bullshit.

It is our responsibility to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves, financially or otherwise. This is a filthy rich nation, we have no excuse. It would not cost that much money to ensure our seniors live comfortable, productive lives. We have that money. No, not to take more from the already struggling masses, but what about those who brag about their billions and spend it on useless crap like rockets, telephones and more cars! Oops there I go again! Or leaders who use our tax money (billions!) to live upscale, travel, bolster themselves, create wars, have parades or paint airplanes (sorry!)

I am sick of seeing seniors living in survival mode. Nickel and diming their way through each and every day. Not getting the care and attention they require. I am sick of seeing older people dismissed when they have so much wisdom and experience to share, that this world so desperately needs.

Now Is Not The Time

This weekend is the first time in what seems like a year that we have had nice weather. The kind of weather where you sit out and do nothing.

So now is not the time for me to rant, contemplate the ills of the world, and heaven forbid, write about them.

This is a weekend to celebrate life and all the good things about it.

The sun, the fresh air, the cloudless sky. Sit and watch my flowers grow.

So that is what I did.

With the cat of course.

I hope you did too.

Where Does It Start?

I got bent out of shape this week over a certain governments decision to lower the minimum wage, and stop overtime pay for teenage workers. I was even more upset by the support this received.

On many levels, this is just plain wrong. And stupid.

First of all, this is blatant discrimination, not that this is anything new in companies. They pay women less, ethnic groups less, seniors less. Why not teenagers too?

If you do the work, you should be paid for it.

Everyone jumps to the conclusion such a move will benefit small business. These types of decisions are not for small business. This is to win support from big business, after all, they are the ones who monetarily support politicians and hire most of the labour.

Most definitely these same companies are not cash strapped or too poor to pay people. They use the money saved from paying their employees to lavish CEO’s and shareholders with millions upon millions of dollars they did nothing for.

Politicians pull the ‘help small business’ bullshit card because people automatically root for the underdog. They forget who does most of the hiring; it is the Walmarts, Canadian Tires, Tim Hortons and the like. They are the ones who really benefit.

Having employees and despising that fact is common in all business. It is a version of the Fawlty Towers syndrome; this hotel would run smoothly if we didn’t have customers – this business would be rich if we didn’t have employees – better yet, have them and not pay them!

Kings and Queens, Lords and Emperors and the like from the beginning of time figured this one out – it is called slavery.

How prevalent and accepted it still is in our affluent societies. Many beautiful creations of human kind have been built from slavery. Is this something we should be proud of and continue?

Lowering minimum wage is one thing, but perhaps the most devious part of this plan is to not pay for overtime. Wow, you know what that means. If you do not do overtime when they ask, and they will demand it because they don’t have to pay you more, you will be terminated. They will need more employees to do overtime because they will hire less. This is the law of the land for most retail – do as we say or you are replaced, the bottom line is always money. Oh, I could go on about retail! We don’t have to pay you shit, we can work you till you drop and then, next!

Such seemingly little policies like lowering minimum wage and not paying overtime for teenagers can soon infiltrate a larger populace, namely the adult worker.

What is the real reason we have poverty in this world – especially in our own filthy rich country? Where does it start? Right here.