People are not taught the why of things.

Our education consists of endless hours of the how. How to do things, but not why. We place a high value on skill at the expense of understanding.

To explore the why of things gives people critical thinking skills.

Without the why, we lack the big picture. Without the ability to figure things out we are stalled when things don’t work. We don’t know how to fix things. We don’t have a clue what to do, even with the simplest problems.

Why promotes curiosity, exploration, development, creativity. Things that are desperately missing in today’s world.

Nowhere Careers

Since the pandemic (I should say while in we are in the pandemic, as it seems to never end) there has been a big shift in working attitudes.

I returned to office work in optometry after a two-year hiatus. We had a student optometric assistant working for us during the summer. She told me that only ten people are enrolled in that class at school.

At first, I was surprised. Working in health care used to be considered prestigious, and certainly a reliable career, you will never be unemployed.

However, these jobs are nowhere jobs.

I think the prestige is still there, but there is nowhere to go once you are in that job. There is no job advancement save, perhaps, a yearly salary increase (even that is increasingly rare) and maybe an opportunity to be office manager.

You start off at minimum wage. You work long, often thankless hours. You take a lot of abuse. Health care careers expose you to a lot of diseases, a lot of unpleasantries and witnessing suffering that you can’t always alleviate.

And you will probably never earn more than $20 to $30 an hour and work a lot of unpaid overtime.

This is not very attractive to a young person looking for a career.

The Park

A beautiful autumn day, and I’m out happily snapping pictures and getting sunshine and fresh air. It is great to get out on a weekday, when everyone else is at work. Working part time has some perks.

Well, for a short while.

On my walk, I spot some wholesome looking young men and women huddled in a group ahead.

I know who they are. The white shirts, ties, perfect haircuts and the peasant style dresses give them away.

They stupidly approach me.

They want to save me.

I told them to go away and leave me alone, and to save themselves from the cult they are in.

They told me to have a nice day.

I will now that you leave me alone.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in God. I believe in living right. And harassing people to accept Jesus is not living right. It turns people off. It is far better to live by example and let people figure things out for themselves.

Stop It

The bag of clementines wouldn’t scan.

I tried several times.

So, I was just about to key in the bar code numbers when a store clerk shouts at me from down the aisle, “YOU HAVE TO SCAN IT!”

In a flash she was at my side, huffing mad. I told her it wouldn’t scan. She grabs the bag from me and angrily keys in the numbers, which I could have done myself, and was about to do, thank you very much. She then grabs the rest of the items in my basket, and despite my polite protest that I could do this myself, proceeds to scan my groceries. I reluctantly hand her my produce and I am obviously not fast enough, “Come on, come on.” She’s snapping her fingers at me.

Now, this is a Thursday afternoon. there are perhaps two of us at the self check out. There’s no big line or anything.

After she asks me if I want bags, no thank you, she starts the infamous Mastercard spew.

I said “I don’t want it.”

She growls at me. “But…”

“I said I don’t want it. NO.”

“But you don’t understand..” She persists.


“But you could save…”

“STOP IT!” I yell. “Every time I come into this store a clerk accosts me to buy a Mastercard I don’t want.”

I was having a nice day up to that point.

In all fairness, I know what this is all about.

I worked at a chain bookstore, many years ago, and we had to sell so many of their points cards a week. We had a quota to meet. We got nothing out of it, except raked over the coals every Friday because we didn’t reach our quotas. So, I figure it is the same with Walmart staff. They must sell so many per week.

It is deplorable on all fronts. I hate to be harassed to get cards of any type. And I was equally angry that the clerk insisted on assisting me with my purchases. If I want and need help, I will ask.

Pressuring people to get credit cards is highly unethical to say the least.


You have all probably heard of some version of ‘Do what you love and the money will follow.’

But what if the money doesn’t follow? What if absolutely NOTHING happens? Doors do not open. What if all efforts colossally fail?

On the positive side, you will have no regrets about having tried and that is better than not having done anything at all. You will have fulfilled your dream and been immeasurably happy doing it.

The downside is this. Hope will be lost, and there will be nothing left for you to do or dream about. And worse, people will point this out to you with a self-satisfied sneer, I told you so, or some other derisive version thereof.

That is why sometimes the fantasy about pursuing your dreams can be a whole lot better than the reality.

I will never judge someone for not pursuing their dreams ever again, because dreaming about it keeps you going a long time. Doing it and failing is like walking down a dead end street. You get to the end and find you have to turn back and do things you hate in order to survive.

Sometimes, I wish I had of left my dreams in the safe confines of my imagination.

Being bereft of hope, no matter how briefly, is probably the worst low of life.

Lesson in Gratitude

Cats provide valuable life lessons.

They are ZEN.

Recently my cat had a procedure done, a tracheal wash – yeah, it is just as gruesome as it sounds.

When we got back home and I freed him from the carrier, the first thing that cat did was trot around the entire apartment, checking every last thing, as if reassuring himself it was not a dream, that he was actually home.

The next thing he did was come to me and tuck his head against my chest. I wrapped my arms around him, and he snuggled in against me for a long while.

That cat was so grateful to be home and safe.

So, if you ever struggle to be thankful for your life, take a look around you, check out all your surroundings, all that you own and cherish and the things you take for granted. Just like my cat did. The things we find the most familiar are the things we should be the most grateful for.


One fine morning I fetched the toothbrush and paste. My mind was a thousand million miles from this mundane action, thinking about who knows what. I didn’t notice anything unusual.

I spread the toothpaste over the brush, ruminating about something or another. Then I paused.

Something didn’t look quite right with the paste.

Why does it have a blue fleck of something in it?

The brush is a bit weird too.


Oh shit!

It’s the cat’s toothpaste and brush!

I think I should go back to having caffeine in the mornings.

Body Brace

As I age, I have acquired more braces. One for my neck, several for my knees, a couple for my wrists, another for my elbows and ankles, one for my back.

The body just starts to fall apart, in direct proportion to how much I abused it while I was able to.

I think after a certain age, we should have a body brace. A suit like iron man has. Just step into it in the morning and you’re good to go for the whole day.

No Pressure

On a usual trip to Walmart, I was surprised at the self checkout by a store clerk. She saddled up beside me and started talking to me in whispers. I wondered what the heck she was going on about, until I heard the word Mastercard. Then I understood.

She really tried hard to get me to sign up for a credit card. She was quite befuddled why I wouldn’t, because I could instantly save $25 on my purchase. When I protested, she said, “But you don’t have to use the card ever again. Just this once.”

Oh boy. Famous last words.

She was young, so she doesn’t have a firm grasp of the credit card rabbit hole you can quickly and innocently go down, and down and down…

Here’s what having a credit card is like, especially if you are poor. It is like having candy in your cupboard when you are trying to lose weight.

There is no way you ain’t gonna touch it.

Public Office

I recently voted for our next mayor, and others. I am reminded this time what public office really means and how to vote properly.

One of our candidates for mayor made a personal attack on a fellow candidate, spread a lie about her and attempted a smear campaign.

Why would I vote for someone who does that?

I won’t.

I will vote for someone who addresses the issues that matter to me.