Bug on My Shoe

While out for a walk, this fellow hitched a ride on my shoe for a spell, so I gently escorted him to finer places; to a bit of grass and shade on a beautiful fall day.

These bugs have been plentiful this autumn, out on my balcony sunning themselves. They lumber around at a leisurely pace, and seem to have some difficulty flying, but once they are air borne manage quite well.

I believe they are Assassin Bugs. My biology education fails me, but it doesn’t matter. I’d rather not know to tell the truth. I prefer things to be a mystery. Once you name them and find out about them they lose some appeal. Especially when you discover their not so nice qualities.

Just Because 2020

Every year I get myself a ‘Just Because’ gift for my Birthday and Christmas combined. This year was a bit more difficult to indulge a pleasure; I’ve been out of work since June, so money is tight. It’ll stay tight until Covid is gone or my books start to sell.

But, I do have a whimsical and cheap little desire that was easily fulfilled this week, just in time.

I’ve always had a little girl weakness for glitter, sparkle and rhinestones and such things are plentiful as we near Christmas. So I happily bought a gaudy $6 pin from the local drug store.

Last year I bought a snowflake. I had better taste last year. This year a nutcracker caught my eye.

As you can see, he is a strange little fellow, rather odd expression don’t you think? However, I thought very befitting for 2020. 2020 has been a topsy turvy crazy insane weird year, so he is a perfect tribute to it. He is not cute or pretty, just like 2020. But he has some glam, so I hope 2021 does.

Usually such purchases languish in the box and I never wear them, but I’ll make an exception for my ugly little friend here so I can have some cheer every time I put him on.

Cheers to my ‘Just Because’ gift that brings me an unusual bit of amusement in a year I so desperately need a laugh.

On the Beach

I was reminded of an incident that happened so long ago I am not sure if it happened where I think it happened, but does that matter? Nope.

This is one of my favourite pictures of Mom and I, from who knows when, certainly when I was a lot younger. A lot younger.

However, I do remember it was taken at the New Jersey Boardwalk. We were visiting my very generous brother, who was always giving us vacations to places in the United States. I am very grateful. Thank you!

Apart from the fabulous salt water taffy, the million and one things to see and do at the Jersey shore, there is, of course, the ocean.

I am a certified water baby, so my main delight is in H2O, thus I liked to be near the ocean or in it. I can’t remember if this was my first encounter with the ocean, not my last for sure.

I think it was here that I was wandering along the edge of the water, ankle deep, and then gradually, got more interested in going deeper, and deeper and . . .

I got sucked up by a wave that was quite a bit bigger than myself, and pulled under. I got caught in the undertow and violently spun over like a jelly roll and spit out, like some bad tasting fish, hurled up on the beach, and deposited, while absolutely no one took notice. In fact, people walked around me, quite possibly, even over me.

I was quite battered and it took days to expel all the salt out of my ears, and elsewhere.

I was admonished to turn into the next wave that over powered me, but to tell the truth, I never went back in the ocean again. I’ll walk on the beach, maybe get my toes wet. That is enough.

Sigh of Relief

For the past 4 years we have been brutally reminded, on a daily basis, of all that is wrong with us and our world. It has been exhaustive, as someone said, like living with an abusive partner. Today we feel tremendous relief having that burden lifted, being freed from oppression and tyranny.

I am talking of course about the authoritarian rule of trump.

On a personal level, this era has exposed the darkness of my own heart. My prejudices, bigotry, narrow mindedness, false beliefs all laid bare. The search for truth in a world awash in lies has changed my perceptions and opinions.

I am grateful.

I hope others have had a similar experience. They have searched themselves and made changes.

I’ve escaped abusive relationships and situations. Narrowly sometimes. Life threatening other times. I’ve been trapped in a cult like relationship to a cruel trump like boss. Each time my heart has opened a bit wider, my understanding expands. My compassion grows. Wisdom replaces folly.

But I was never fully attuned to global afflictions before trump. My small world of introspection is replaced with a global perspective, realizing that my own personal experiences are also a global one. Often the difference is only a matter of scale.

At the end of this reign of terror, what I find most surprising is what was hidden. The entire world has been holding its breath these 4 years. Where we expected widespread violence from trump supporters, we instead find celebration by the oppressed. It proves to me that good outweighs the bad and this gives me hope.

Just as trump unleashed all the crazies in the entire world, giving them riotous license to pillage, destroy, kill and maim, we now see a global about face and dictators and their minions are being called out.

At the forefront of this is the undeniable fact that the USA influences, often determines, what happens to the rest of the world. This is heady stuff. America forgot this. They had amnesia.

I think during the trump reign, America was comatose.

This is something that the USA should really take note of. The effect their decisions have on the rest of the world and the resulting responsibility this entails. They should pay attention to that fact and not abuse it. More than ever they should prove they deserve to be a global leader by being mature and doing the right things for all of us. They are, whether they like it or not, the example to the rest of us on how we should conduct our affairs and lives.

America has narrowly dodged a bullet of dictatorship and totalitarianism and thus spared the entire world a similar fate.

I hope they fully understand this.