Free For All

Because I am a dreamer I believe in free education and health care for everyone (including veterinary care for our animals).  How this could become possible under our current systems, I have no idea, but that does not change my beliefs.

Going through a medical ordeal myself, I see the awesome technology we have for diagnosis and treatment, and the sad reality of how that is doled out.  Progressively medicare favours those who can afford it, as opposed to those who need it.  Although not so prevalent in my more socialistic country, it is creeping in none-the-less.

We have a desperate need to teach people how to get along, how to treat animals and be respectful of our environment.  All forms of formal education fail us, and higher education is only for the elite.

Education and health care are moral and ethical necessities.

Just as is saving our environment.

No longer options.

We cannot afford to idle our time writing up yet another report or debating these issues.   We need to take action.  NOW.

Our leaders fail us.  Politicians are too busy being rock stars, spending our tax dollars on self glorification, public relations and personal money making interests.  Meanwhile our infrastructures are crumbling (roads, power stations, city buildings, etc.), pollution, sickness and poverty are rampant.  Most, if not all of this, totally fixable and preventable.  We have no excuses left.  We have the technology and brains to solve all our problems.  We just have to do it.

Fortunately, it is beginning.  People like Bill Gates and Boyan Slat are welcome vigilantes.  Governments serve their purpose as policy makers and law givers and I have no problem with having high standards we must adhere to.  But we can’t look to our leaders for action.  Action has to come from people.

Imagine a world where everyone is afforded medical diagnosis and treatment.  Where every one is educated (I don’t mean just formal education – I mean also learned in how to treat others, animals and the environment).

Imagine our environment pristine, no longer there to be ravaged, but to be enjoyed.  We are self sustaining.  No carbon foot print.


Free for All.

What’s in a Name?

Here’s a name you may not know, but you should – Boyan Slat.

Allow me to introduce him to you.

Someone has to do it.  That’s just it, is the first words he says.

This is a young man attempting to clean up our oceans while billionaires like Bezos, Musk and Branson send junk up into space to fuel their egos.

While brain dead politicians like Trump try to convince us there are no environmental problems.

But Mr. Slat can see for himself.  He had this vision, this passion, to clean up the plastic from our oceans as a teenager, and with great tenacity is making that dream come true as a young adult.

He’s had to solicit funding from uber rich slobs who will only fund such feats if there is dollars in it for them.  If the collected plastic can’t be recycled (and hence not generate any money) or the project fails, out they go.  They could care less about the environment.

As Mr. Slat states, the answers to our problems is not to go back to what we were.  Our technology has enabled us to live greatly improved lives and to live longer.  We now need to use that technology to save the environment, and hence ourselves so we can continue making our lives better.  Not only this, but to get to a point where we are self sustaining, so we no longer have to keep taking from nature – we are separate, and no longer causing such great harm.  What an awesome young person!

We have so many uber rich people in this world who could fund such projects to clean our air, water and land and many brilliant minds who could put their talents to better use than designing yet another damn telephone.

The time for debates and another 500 page report on environmental issues is OVER.  We have to stop listening to our politicians – this is the only thing they excel at – TALKING – endlessly and say nothing, and worse, do nothing.  We have to be vigilantes now, like Boyan Slat and take matters into our own hands and save the world and ourselves, by ourselves.

That 12 year clock is ticking down.

Fall Memories

I am blessed to live in a city that if you have feet, car, bicycle, or any other mobile device, you can be in some natural wilderness area in a short space of time.

At this time of year I look out from my balcony and see a patchwork quilt of oranges, reds and yellows with a touch of green rolling across the hills of popular large park, as trees change their colours and prepare for winter.  Aside from the occasional walk in the park next door, I never went to the big park in autumn, mostly because of traffic.

Instead, every year my Mom and I would rent a car on Thanksgiving weekend and go to the Highlands to photograph the fall spectacular.  The Highlands are a lot farther from home but are free of the tourists and crowds our nearby parks endure.

Everyone raves about the park I see from my balcony, only about a 20 minute drive, so one year I did do the prerequisite thing and visit a place near home.  The man I was dating at the time offered to drive me there and check it out.

At least a mile to the park entrance, we encountered a traffic jam.   An hour later we crawled through the park in a long stream of glittering metal.  It was not very enjoyable, so my friend decided to exit this.  He attempted to turn the car around, hit the curb and boom, a flat tire.  It was a memorable fall day.

I miss the days with Mom, now a long time in the past.  We always took a little lunch to eat, usually consumed quickly while shivering at a picnic table, or uncomfortably balancing cups and plates on the dash of the parked car while keeping the heater on.  When the weather cooperated I got some great photo’s of leaves, wildlife and scenery and I felt totally replenished by the time I trudged back to work at the end of three days holiday.

I have great memories of childhood autumns as we never raked up leaves and threw them away (my Dad was an environmentalist long before the green revolution). Our yard was carpeted in beautiful colours and every summer we had the greenest grass and the most flowers in the neighbourhood.

There were interesting creatures under that carpet of leaves and we were very respectful of  them.  Dad said they were doing their job and it was our job to leave them alone!  But we could look at them if we wished.  Each leaf put back exactly where we picked it up.

I guess that is why I now look at the way nature places things and see a work of art.

From my book Joy available from
From my book Joy available from

Pumpkin Pie

The store a few blocks from where I work sells organic produce and homemade baked goods.  Every Thanksgiving there are several chemical free, homemade, personal sized pumpkin pies for sale that usually get snatched up quickly.  So I keep an eye out for them the week before turkey day.  Finally I am rewarded on Friday, but it was a close call.  The last pie was being thoroughly examined and pondered over by a woman next to me.  She’d never seen these cute little 4 inch pies before.  She made a good decision and set it back on the shelf.  In the blink of an eye, it was mine.

What is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie?

My Mom used to make them from scratch, the poor soul.  We’d carve up the pumpkins and she’d do the rest from the goop we scooped out.  It was a happy day when canned pumpkin pie filling arrived in the stores.

I’m not that interested in cooking, as I watched my Mother slave in the kitchen day after day to feed us, and then clean up afterwards.  But  I do want to eat healthy so I eat mostly raw fruit and veggies.  I am ever watchful for chemicals in my food.  There is absolutely nothing natural about natural flavour.  I see this little phrase appearing more frequently in more types of food.

However, every once in a while I have a chemical day and indulge in cheesies.

My little pumpkin pie pales in comparison to my Mothers gigantic ones (and she made several), but it reminds me of home, my childhood and all that was right in the world.

It makes me grateful, and thankful for the good and nutritious and the bad and fun.  For my family, friends, my little life and Sam my cat.

Happy Thanksgiving.  May you have as many blessed memories as I do.