Gradually I have come to believe that the cause of many of our mobility and other problems is a lack of good circulation.

I came to this conclusion after seeing injured animals restored with daily massage and manipulation of their limbs.

It gave me pause for thought.

Going for a massage is NOT something I would ever do however. I am squeamish about a stranger touching me.

So I do it myself.

If only it’d work on money!


There were two girls who followed me around when I was in Public School.

They weren’t my friends.

At least once a week they beat me up. They’d drag me off to a corner at recess and treat my face and body to some fists.

They tormented me by following me around like a cat stalking its prey. I was a shy little kid and defenseless.

Those two girls would escort me home from school nearly every afternoon. It was terrifying.

My Mom wanted me to invite them for supper. She insisted they were my friends. And she actually came out of the house one day and invited them in for dinner! And they ate with us!

She never believed me when I told her they were most definitely not my friends, and she didn’t hear me when I said they liked to rough me up. She thought I was making it up.


One day I came home with a black eye.

“I fed those two girls!” Was my Mothers angry response to my beating.

My Mother trusted everyone. Complete trust. She always thought the best of people.

Unfortunately, this was not the only time my Mother put me in danger. There were many times I learned some shocking truths and endured abuse because my Mother either put me in harms way, or did not defend me.

Mom never believed people would do terrible things, even though some people did terrible things to her. A paradox I could never understand.

My brother also was bullied but solved his woes by brandishing a two by four. In the 1950’s and 60’s you were on your own, kiddo.

A Healthy Mouth

In August my teeth decided that they needed attention. And what attention they needed! It really bit off a lot of my savings and put me a few months closer to being a bag lady.

But I will be a bag lady with great teeth!

I got to warm the dentist chair for two hours every session. My mouth has been stretched somewhat I suspect. Not good news for those who are sick of listening to me.

One thing I’ve learned as I watch my money disappear as fast as I can take a breath, is that your health is always way more important than money.

If you come into some money, think about your teeth first and spend it on that. You won’t regret it. A healthy mouth equals a healthy body.

So when you pass me wheeling my grocery cart around town at least I can flash you a brilliant smile!

And if you can’t spare some change (who has coinage nowadays?) maybe you could buy one of my books and that’ll help pay for the teeth that blinded you!

God Bless.


Recently I had what I thought was a mouth infection. Having worked for an optometrist, I equate it with conjunctivitis for the mouth. It wasn’t fun.

Now I went almost immediately for dental care, a bit of a wait as I was also about to receive my second covid shot. So I toughed it out for a couple of weeks to make sure the vaccine was in my system before I went to the dentist.

I reflected during that time on other medical emergencies and why I always hesitated to go for care.

Fear was only a small part of it.

Shame was the real reason.

How many of you have been shamed for being sick?

That is the reason I hate going to a doctor. Many of them have shamed me in the past.

This little gum affair – which turned out to be something entirely different, taught me this. Disease is NOT your fault. It is part of life. Everything on this planet eats everything else, and everything decays and dies. That is the unpleasant reality we live in. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. Eventually something will get you. Every living creature is subject to the same rule. It is NOT your fault.

We don’t deliberately go out into this world to get sick. It befalls us. We can live spotless lives and still get sick and yes, die. So for anyone (hello Mothers out there as well) to shame us for our physical misfortunes, they’d better watch out for karma.

My doctor and dentist do not shame me. I am fortunate. I have had specialists however shame me plenty, and treat me inferior for being a female, and now for being old.

It is wrong to shame anyone for misfortunes. Diseases befall us. Life and shit happen in equal measure. Just take a look at poor Job in the Bible. Yikes. He learned the same lesson. The terrible things he endured were NOT his fault, and his friends tried to shame him!

Be kind to yourself next time you are sick. It is just life happening. It is not your fault.

Five Cent Bosses

I read recently that a boss paid his former employee his fought for wages with a bucket of five cent coins that weighed 66 pounds.

I am fed up with this.

You blockhead owners and bosses of retail and restaurants are the most vile people on earth. Immature, self entitled brats. You can’t understand why no one wants to work for you. You point the finger at everyone else, you say they are lazy workers and blame the corrupt government, when it is YOU that is the problem dick head.

First of all IDIOTS, there is a pandemic going on, and the last place any one wants to work is in a place where they will be exposed to a lot of maskless, unvaccinated strangers. DUH.

Second of all, it is no secret that you treat your staff like shit. Pay them shit. Make them work long hours. No benefits. Steal their tips. They take abuse from you and customers. DUH.

You have such a disrespect for the people who make you a millionaire, you deserve to go out of business. And I could care less if we have one less restaurant if you are the owner of it.

I am fed up with your whining. Grow up.