There are still a few places in the world you can experience complete silence. You need not travel thousands of miles. I have been delighted to find a few places right in the city, in the outdoors, where sounds are effectively barricaded.

Unless you are with my Mother.

My Mom and I used to take weekend excursions to the country. Little day trips by car to the great outdoors where civilization was far behind in the rear view mirror.

One place I remember very well.

It was late summer and we were deep in some forest, on a road not travelled much. We stopped to stretch and enjoy the scenery.

It was dead quiet. Not a sound. Heaven.

We sat on a guard rail and just listened.

For about thirty seconds.

“It is so quiet here.” My Mom said. I agreed. “I really enjoy the quiet, don’t you? There is no quiet at home. I love it when it is so quiet…” and on and on and on.

“Mom, could you just be quiet for a few minutes so we can enjoy it?”

“Oh, yes of course! I am so sorry to have interrupted your enjoyment. I know that you must need a lot of quiet after your busy week….” and on and on and on. If I persisted to silence her she would get angry and hurt and, well it just wasn’t worth it.

Mom had to comment about everything.

I find this quite funny now, but at the time I was exasperated.

Mom loved to talk, and, I inherited that from her.

However, I can sit quiet for several hours to days.

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  1. I was a cabdriver in Ottawa back in the 80’s and driving in traffic all day with the dispatcher and other drivers chatting constantly along with honking horns and customers, I didn’t realize it was stressful. It was reality. Then I went golfing one day. I was already stressed because I should have been working. I hit a pretty good drive off the first tee and my golf buddy and I walked down the first fairway. I got to my ball and chose a club. Then I stopped. I had no rail to sit on like you did but I didn’t need it. I was clobbered by the silence. I took a deep breath, inhaling fresh cut grass, or at least its fragrance. I thought I was in heaven. Then I had to hit the ball into the bush and ruin it. I still suck

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