Please, Oh Please!

Pull your mask up over your nose!

I realize that if your mask is not covering your face you are either rebellious, stubborn or immature and on all counts, you are stupid.

The mask is a two way protection. If you are sick, the mask let’s you keep your germs to yourself, thank you very much. You’re not polluting our air with your microbes.

And it prevents you from breathing in others germ riddled spit.

If your nose is exposed, you are breathing in unfiltered air. You could be breathing in Covid, among other things.

And guess what.

Covid is a respiratory disease. It attacks your lungs. This means it is in the air and you breathe it in and you die.

That is the main way to get Covid.

If everyone wears a mask and wears it properly, guess what again. Covid has no where to go.

The mask is doing you ZERO good if your nose is exposed. Because you breathe through your nose. And if you’ve run up the stairs, your mouth too.

And it doesn’t matter how much nose hair you have.

– Not to mention –

You are driving me nuts looking at you.


Your chin doesn’t breathe. I bet you believe you can breathe through your eyelids too like Nuke LaLoosh (Bull Durham).


But you’re getting closer. There are really two pathways to your lungs. Your mouth is one of the two. Can you guess the other one that we use more frequently? Take your fingers out of your ears, that’s not it.


You got it. Cover your MOUTH and your NOSE.

One other thing: Masks are not enough to end this pandemic.


And always stay six feet away from me!

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