The Park

A beautiful autumn day, and I’m out happily snapping pictures and getting sunshine and fresh air. It is great to get out on a weekday, when everyone else is at work. Working part time has some perks.

Well, for a short while.

On my walk, I spot some wholesome looking young men and women huddled in a group ahead.

I know who they are. The white shirts, ties, perfect haircuts and the peasant style dresses give them away.

They stupidly approach me.

They want to save me.

I told them to go away and leave me alone, and to save themselves from the cult they are in.

They told me to have a nice day.

I will now that you leave me alone.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in God. I believe in living right. And harassing people to accept Jesus is not living right. It turns people off. It is far better to live by example and let people figure things out for themselves.