There was a place I could go when I was young, in a castle, by a fireplace in a rocking chair. At the Friendly Giant’s.

I was a terribly shy introverted girl living in an extroverted world. Still am in many ways. The Friendly Giant sheltered me. I was safe and understood there. A place parents and peers could not come to.

My refuge.

When I get scared, which is often, I remember this program, the infamous harp and recorder playing ‘Early One Morning’ and the Giant summoning me to “Look up. Look waaaay up.”

Bob Homme was the kindest, gentlest adult in the world. I hated when he closed up the drawbridge when we were gone.

I loved Jerome the giraffe. He was in no hurry for anything. And the Giant was taller than him!

The older I get, the more I miss my childhood, because my adulthood mostly sucked. And there was no Friendly Giant.