Five Cent Bosses

I read recently that a boss paid his former employee his fought for wages with a bucket of five cent coins that weighed 66 pounds.

I am fed up with this.

You blockhead owners and bosses of retail and restaurants are the most vile people on earth. Immature, self entitled brats. You can’t understand why no one wants to work for you. You point the finger at everyone else, you say they are lazy workers and blame the corrupt government, when it is YOU that is the problem dick head.

First of all IDIOTS, there is a pandemic going on, and the last place any one wants to work is in a place where they will be exposed to a lot of maskless, unvaccinated strangers. DUH.

Second of all, it is no secret that you treat your staff like shit. Pay them shit. Make them work long hours. No benefits. Steal their tips. They take abuse from you and customers. DUH.

You have such a disrespect for the people who make you a millionaire, you deserve to go out of business. And I could care less if we have one less restaurant if you are the owner of it.

I am fed up with your whining. Grow up.

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